November 2021 – Absolute Imaging presents a series of technical talks at IV Cumbre del Petróleo y Gas virtual conference

In collaboration with our Latin America partner, Geo Oil Energy, Absolute presented five technical talks at the IV Cumbre del Petróleo y Gas virtual conference, Colombia’s premiere conference for the Oil and Gas industry. This year’s joint conference of the ACP, Campetrol, Acipet, ACGGP and ACIEM had a theme of Socioeconomic Reactivation and hosted many delegates from Colombia and around the world. Our talks, among others, can be viewed via Geo Oil’s channel at

Absolute Imaging’s specific talks are available as follows:

1. How to remove multiples? An introduction to model and data-driven methods

2. Overview of effective noise suppression technologies

3. A review of key aspects of marine processing technologies

4. Improved lateral and depth positioning using Depth Imaging technology

5. Understanding Fracture framework using Diffraction Imaging technology