Offshore Processing 2D/3D/OBN/OBC

Left Image: Legacy PSTM, Right Image: Absolute PSTM

Offshore Processing 2D/3D/OBN/OBC

We have the advanced marine processing tools and the expertise to deal with the complex marine imaging environment, which ranges from shallow to deep waters. This includes our ability to match the phase, amplitude and static of various acquisition regimes, including Transition Zones (TZ).

To tackle different types of multiples we have developed advanced multiple suppression technologies including MWD, SRME, IME and HRRT. We also have a variety of noise suppression techniques available to deal with linear, swell, erratic and random noise. To broaden the bandwidth and enhance the interpretability, we have implemented our proprietary shot and receiver de-ghosting techniques in our marine processing. To aid in proper imaging of the geologic target in either Time or Depth, we have accurate Velocity Analysis and advanced APSTM and APSDM imaging technologies with various migrators such as Kirchhoff, Advanced BEAM, WEM & RTM. All of the above technologies are available for towed streamer and OBN/OBC data.


Our marine experience extends to areas worldwide including the Alboran Sea, the Baltic Sea, Brazil, New Jersey and New York, Morocco, and the Persian Gulf. In Canadian waters, our experience includes the Beaufort Sea, British Columbia (Nass Bay & Fraser River), offshore East Coast of Canada including Bay of Fundy, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Grand Banks, Sable Island and the Flemish Pass.

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