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Our Commitment

We are committed to providing superior imaging of the earth’s subsurface for our global portfolio of clients. We started our journey in 2007 as a domestic seismic data processing centre in Calgary, Alberta and have evolved into an international provider with a full suite of geotechnical services in multiple geographical locations. Our passion for geoscience has allowed us to develop leading-edge technologies that have resulted in the discovery of extensive energy reserves globally.

Adapting Technology for the Future

Changes in technologies are shifting the way we operate and how companies do business around the world. The future will incorporate these technologies as well as the ability to assimilate, analyze and make decisions in more complex and scalable ways to enhance our effectiveness. This will help companies drive and enhance sustainable value creation. We are confident in our geoscientists and their on-going ability to develop leading-edge technologies to solve the most complex imaging challenges.

Operating Sustainably

Our goal is and always has been to create an absolutely clear seismic image and when your image is clear you can accurately identify energy reserves, which is not only better for the environment but better for business. We have watched our local industry grow and we take pride in our country’s ethical resource management policies and practices. We aim to bring those practices to all regions we operate within. Our client’s success is affirmation we are doing things right and together we discover sustainable resources that fuel the world.

Our Leadership Team

Elvis Floreani, P.Geoph.
President & CEO

Elvis is responsible for creating and implementing the company’s vision and mission, formulating and implementing the short and long-term strategic plan, overseeing the over-all operations as well as leading market expansion both domestically and internationally. Elvis’ initial years were spent with Kelman Seismic Processing (Kelman Technologies) where his responsibilities progressed from Processing Geophysicist to Processing Supervisor and eventually to Processing Manager. In 1999 Elvis joined Arcis Corporation as Vice President Processing and was responsible for overseeing the technical and business aspects of the processing division. Elvis is a co-founder of Absolute Imaging, a graduate of the University of Alberta (B.Sc. Geophysics) and is a member of APEGA, CSEG, SEG and EAGE.

Tel: +1.403.209.6851 Email: elvis@absoluteimaging.ca

Gerry Schlosser
Vice President, Information Technology

Gerry is responsible for computer hardware and software solutions and programming for Absolute Imaging. Gerry’s career began with Chevron Geosciences Canada as a seismic data processor and programmer. In 1994 Gerry left Chevron to help form Sensor Geophysical Ltd. where he pursued seismic data processing, writing code, as well as maintaining the infrastructure of the computer equipment. In 2002 Gerry established his own software development company, Jega Enterprises Inc. and consulted for various companies until 2007. Gerry is a co-founder of Absolute Imaging and is a member of the CSEG and SEG.

Tel: +1.403.209.6846 Email: gerry@absoluteimaging.ca

Eric C. Mikkelborg
Vice President, Business Development

Eric is responsible for market expansion throughout Canada and the United States. Eric’s career began in geophysics at Geo-X Systems Ltd. (1995) as a teacher, technical writer and trainer on the Geo-X Aram Aries Recording System. In 2000, Eric joined Arcis Geophysical as Marketing Manager, moving to Tesla Exploration in 2003 as co-founder and Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Eric has travelled extensively throughout the United States and Canada, conducting countless lectures and presentations on both geophysical software and hardware. Throughout the decades, Eric has forged strong business relations both within Canada and abroad. Eric is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge (B.A., B. Mgmt.) and is a member of the CSEG and SEG.

Tel: +1.403.209.6847 Email: eric@absoluteimaging.ca

Samo Cilensek
Manager, Onshore Processing

Samo is responsible for the coordination and management of Land Processing projects, technical support and hands-on processing. Samo also assists with the development of new Land Processing technologies as well as building Absolute Imaging’s brand both domestically and internationally. Samo’s experience encompasses both technical and managerial roles. He started his career as a Geophysicist in 1986 with NIS Naftagas (Gazprom) and has worked for Pulsonic, Pulsonic Nigeria, Kelman Technologies Inc., and Arcis Solutions. Samo has a M.Sc. in Geophysics from the University of Belgrade and is a member of the CSEG and SEG.

Tel: +1.403.209.6854 Email: samo@absoluteimaging.ca

Li Lu
Manager, Offshore Processing

Li is responsible for the coordination and management of Marine Processing projects, technical support and hands-on processing. Li began her seismic data processing experience in 1989 and began specializing in worldwide offshore APSTM and APSDM imaging in 2000. She has worked at various companies throughout her career including CNPC, Kelman Technologies Inc., Veritas/CGG and TGS. At Veritas/CGG for 15 years, Li’s responsibilities progressed from processing geophysicist, project manager and eventually marine imaging manager. Li has a M.Sc. in Geophysics from the University of Calgary and she is a member of the CSEG and SEG.

Tel: +1.403.209.6849 Email: li@absoluteimaging.ca

Nick Nikic
Manager, Advanced Imaging

Nick is responsible for coordinating and developing Absolute Imaging’s Depth and Diffraction Imaging capabilities both domestically and internationally. Nick began his career in 1985 at NIS Naftagas (Gazprom) in Serbia before moving to Calgary in 1993 to join Pulsonic as a Processing Geophysicist. He worked at CGG as a Seismic Processing Manager, and then moved to Paradigm where he held various senior technical positions and spent time in Houston as a Senior Technical Sales Advisor. Nick has a M.Sc. in Applied Geophysics from the University of Belgrade and is a member of the CSEG and SEG.

Tel: +1.403.806.6371 Email: nick@absoluteimaging.ca

Ajit Singh
President, Absolute Imaging International (India) Private Limited

Ajit is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company in India as well as business development and strategic planning. Ajit has held both technical and managerial roles over the course of a career that began in 1987. Before joining Absolute in India, Ajit was associated with Asian Oil Field Services Limited, a leading seismic data acquisition service company in India, as Vice President (South East Asia). Ajit initially started his career as a Wireline Logging Engineer with a Government Sector Company in India. He successfully introduced indigenous perforating services along with stacked tool technology operations in Coal Bed Methane E&P to India. Ajit has a Master’s Degree in Science with Technology in Exploration Geophysics from BHU- Varanasi, India and is a member of Society of Petroleum Geophysicists, Association of Exploration Geophysicists, and Mining Engineer’s Association of India.

Tel: +91 98997 01428 Email: ajit@absoluteimaging.ca

Business Development

Elvis Floreani, P. Geoph.

Tel: +1.403.209.6851

Ajit Singh (India)

Tel: +91 98997 01428

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