SEISMIC SOLUTIONS global expertise and personalized service

Absolute Imaging Inc. is a leading provider of land, marine and transition zone seismic data imaging solutions including depth imaging, diffraction imaging, reservoir characterization, multicomponent processing, and environmental near-surface imaging.

Absolute Imaging’s professional team has extensive experience processing 2D, 3D and 4D data from basins around the world in both subtle stratigraphic and complex geological environments. Absolute Imaging also offers a variety of seismic data services including data management, data marketing, tape services, disaster recovery, and 2D/3D partialing.

November 2019 — Absolute Imaging team attends Cumbre del Petróleo y Gas in Bogotá

November 2019 — Absolute Imaging announces the award of a 2,000 square kilometre merge in the Alberta Foothills

November 2019 — Absolute Imaging announces record project award in MENA

October 2019 — Venera Batyrkhan joins Absolute Imaging

October 2019 — Absolute Imaging supports 2019 Junior Geophysicists Forum

September 2019 — Absolute Imaging announces office move

August 2019 — Absolute Imaging announces project award in Baltic sea

August 2019 — Absolute Imaging sponsors 2019 Doodlebug

June 2019 — CSEG-F – Mentorship Program Wrap-Up Party

May 2019 — Absolute Imaging awarded 3D Merge for Advanced Imaging in the Permian basin

May 2019 — Absolute Imaging / CSEG-F Mentorship Committee – New Member / Recorder Article

March 2019 — Absolute Imaging awarded 3D Merge for Potash Exploration

March 2019 — Absolute Imaging announces major project awards in India

March 2019 — Absolute Imaging and Sound QI deliver joint technical presentation

March 2019 — Absolute Imaging fills table at 2019 CSEG Symposium – On the Shoulders of Giants

November 2018 — Absolute Imaging announces Project Award in Libya

October 2018 — Absolute Imaging and Sound QI take clients axe-throwing

October 2018 — Absolute Imaging sponsors 2018 Junior Geophysicists Forum

September 2018 — Absolute Imaging sponsors 2018 Doodlebug

August 2018 — Absolute Imaging announces reconnaissance trip to India

July 2018 — Absolute Imaging announces project award

June 2018 — Absolute Imaging announces project award

May 2018 — Absolute Imaging conducts client engagement trip to three different countries in Latin America

April 2018 — Absolute Imaging Inc. is pleased to announce three additions to our Calgary-based team which is growing in order to support our expanding Canadian and International initiatives:

April 2018 — Omid Aghaei joins Absolute Imaging

April 2018 — Selene Grimstead joins Absolute Imaging

April 2018 — Stephen Mackidd joins Absolute Imaging

January 2018 — Absolute Imaging and Sound QI Solutions to provide combined seismic data processing, advanced imaging and quantitative interpretation services

December 2017 — Absolute Imaging meets with ONGC Videsh in India

December 2017 — Absolute Imaging showcases technology at Technothon 2017 in India

November 2017 — Absolute Imaging joins Alberta trade mission to Argentina

November 2017 — Absolute Imaging exhibits at Expo Oil and Gas Colombia 2017

August 2017 — Maria Bastidas joins Absolute Imaging

July 2017 — Absolute Imaging awarded depth and diffraction imaging project

June 2017 — Chris Cooke joins Absolute Imaging

May 2017 — Absolute Imaging incorporating in Ghana

May 2017 — Mozambique project completion

May 2017 — UK project completion

May 2017 — Absolute Imaging showcases technology in Pakistan

May 2017 — Rob Tilson and Stewart Trickett co-chair Seismic Processing presentations at GeoConvention 2017

April 2017 — Latin America projects

April 2017 — Stewart Trickett Receives 2016 CSEG Technical Achievement Award

April 2017 — Office opening in Bogota

February 2017 — Absolute Imaging is recruiting talented people for our offices in Bogota (Colombia) and Noida (India)

February 2017 — Absolute Imaging and Neoil Exploration (Colombia) sign JV

November 2016 — Absolute Imaging joins Alberta trade mission to India

October 2016 — Absolute Imaging signs MOU with Neoil Exploration in Colombia

October 2016 — Nick Nikic joins Absolute Imaging as Manager, Marine Processing & Depth Imaging

October 2016 — Absolute Imaging’s India office moves to IT Park in Noida, India

September 2016 — Ryan Van Zandt joins Absolute Imaging as a GIS/Geophysical Technologist

August 2016 — Elvis Floreani meets with Canadian Trade Commissioner in India

August 2016 — Seismic Data Technology Seminar in Tehran hosted by Absolute Imaging and Well Services of Iran (Schlumberger Methods)

July 2016 — Seismic processing/reprocessing project for AEPL in Pakistan awarded to Absolute Imaging

July 2016 — Elvis Floreani, President of Absolute Imaging to visit Muscat (Oman), Tehran (Iran), Delhi (India) from July 24 to August 12

June 2016 — Absolute Imaging welcomes Mark Watson as Vice President of Sales and Corporate Strategy

May 2016 — Ajit Singh announced as President of Absolute Imaging International (India) Private Limited

May 2016 — Absolute Imaging opens new office in India and announces the incorporation of Absolute Imaging International (India) Private Limited

April 2016 — Absolute Imaging International Inc. signs service agreement with Well Services of Iran (WSI) to provide Seismic Data Processing services to the Iranian market