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Seismic Data Processing Software Technology

A key component of any processing center is the availability of a wide range of software solutions necessary to tackle the many different data sets encountered on an ongoing basis.

Absolute Imaging offers a combination of third party and proprietary solutions that are built around Landmark’s SeisSpace®/ProMAX® software package. Coupled with our proprietary software solutions, it allows our users to effectively and efficiently process land and marine 2D/3D data.

SeisSpace®/ProMAX® Family™ of seismic data processing tools provides a comprehensive suite of 2D, 3D and 4D processing algorithms for both land and marine seismic data. Included are an excellent selection of geophysical algorithms for near-surface or residual statics corrections, signal enhancement, noise reduction, wavelet processing, time migration and depth imaging.

SeisSpace® software adds major new functionality, usability and performance upgrades that increase the speed and ease of use of ProMAX® software.

ProMAX Software

SeisSpace®/ProMAX® software is Landmark’s next generation comprehensive seismic processing system for large volume land or marine processing of 2D or 3D pre and post stack data. This system combines ease of use with effective analysis tools, strong geophysical algorithms and optimized parallel processing infrastructure.


  • Usability & Performance upgrades to the Interface
  • Data Integrity in Complex Geology
  • Production Throughput  – JavaSeis Framework for Parallel Computations
  • Enables Tight Integration with Seismic Interpreter
  • Premium Development Platform for Proprietary Algorithms

Third Party Software

  • Cal Coulee 2D/3D Interactive Geometry Assignment & QC
  • Rekware 2D/3D Phase & Static Tieing
  • Techco Geophysical
    • MASTT Residual Statics
    • FX / FXY Prediction Filtering
    • Pre Stack and Post Stack Kirchhoff Time Migration
    • PSTM Velocity Analysis – Velanal
    • Azimuthal Velocity Analysis – Hammer
  • GeoTomo’s Near Surface Refraction Statics
  • Crestone
    • Velocity Analysis
      • Azimuthal Velocity Analysis
      • Semblance Velocity Analysis w Interactive ETA  Analysis
    • Noise Suppression
      • 3D Wavenumber Noise Suppression
      • Dip/Azimuth Model Coherency Filter
      • TFD Noise Removal
    •  Frequency Enhancement
      • 3D High Frequency Extension
      • High Res RHO Filter
    • Interpretive Tools
      • Volumetric Curvature Attributes
      • Spectral Decomposition

Proprietary Software

  • 2D/3D Cadzow (EigenImage) Ground Roll Suppression
  • 3D Surface Wave Noise Attenuation (SWNA)
  • 2D/3D Weighted Time-Variant Spectral Whitening
  • 2D/3D Harmonic Noise Modelling & Removal
  • 2D/3D Cadzow Filtering for Random Noise Suppression
  • 2D Pre Stack Interpolation / 3D Post Stack Interpolation
  • Distance weighted 3D Bin Sharing & Stacking
  • 5D Pre Stack Interpolation
  • 2D/3D Multicomponent GR Removal, NMO, ACCP & CCP Binning / Stacking
  • 2D/3D Multicomponent Kirchhoff Post and Pre Stack Time Migration

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