Reservoir Characterization

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Absolute Imaging and Sound QI Solutions Ltd., through a Joint Venture, now offer combined seismic data processing, advanced imaging and quantitative interpretation services for reservoir characterization. To view the Joint Venture announcement click here.

Sound QI logoSound QI is a leading quantitative interpretation (QI) solutions company integrating seismic and well data with rock physics and geological knowledge, to create high fidelity volume predictions of geology and geological properties. These volumes are delivered in a unique multi-attribute interpretation environment for reservoir characterization, Sound QI’s signature interactive classification software QI-Pro™. For more information visit Sound QI’s website

Absolute Imaging’s clients will benefit from a simplified bidding process; close collaboration between processing geoscientists and QI interpreters; delivery of advanced imaging and QI attribute volumes; and access to QI-Pro™ software.

Some of the services offered:

Well Data Crossplot Analysis
Data from existing wells provides petrophysical crossplot templates and a plan for classifying seismic attribute volumes.
Rock Physics Modelling
Rock physics models predict seismic attribute behaviour where little or no well data is available.
Seismic Attribute Volume Creation
Data preparation, AVO, inversion for impedance and density, multi-attribute analysis for specific rock property prediction.
Seismic Attribute Volume Classification
QI-ProTM transforms esoteric seismic attribute volumes into universally understood reservoir character interpretations—in real-time.

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