Amplitude Preserving Workflow

Rigorous AVO Compliant Flow

  • Meticulous and rigorous AVO complaint flow which includes an iterative approach to removing noise
  • Careful analysis of all noise suppression techniques to ensure minimal data leakage. Seismic Compare is an interactive tool that allows a user to quantify the effectiveness of a noise suppression technique. We also run a number of QC attributes to ensure our AVO-Compliance.
  • A series of techniques (pre and post stack) are available to remove noise bursts & spikes, linear noise (including guided waves) and random noise

• Polarization Ground Roll Filter
• Surface Wave Noise Attenuation (SWNA)
• Coherent Noise Attenuation (CNA)
• FX/FXY Prediction & Projection Filters
• Cadzow Filter including an Automatic Rank Determination option
• FX Median Filter (Frequency-space domain noise burst removal)
• TX Median Filter (Time-space domain noise burst removal)
• TFD (Time Frequency Domain)